Orlando To Port Canaveral

 Uber Driver Costs

  • $500 refundable deposit – Port Canaveral registered SunPass or E-Pass transponder
  • $50 – Annual sticker
  • $5 – Per entrance into the port
  • Non-paid mileage/tolls/time back to Orlando
  • A cancellation penalty plus lost mileage/tolls/time if the driver refuses the trip*
    * Trip destination is not given until pick-up
  • $250 fine – Unregistered driver stopped by Port Code Enforcement

Uber does not provide this information to drivers. The only official information could cost a driver $250: https://help.uber.com/h/7ea4e217-3d1d-4393-9d8b-bd00308dfd9c

A better URL should be searchable: https://help.uber.com/port-canaveral/anything!

It just doesn’t add up…why isn’t this information part of Uber’s knowledge base?

Official Port Canaveral registration information is found here, notice the descriptive URL: